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Things you need to know about Tealive Member Card

  1. Why should I register my Tealive Member card online?
    Registration of your Card activates your credit of VND21k in your card and notification on your birthday month. If you have lost or misplaced your Card, you can write to to replace your card.
  2. Is there an expiry date to my VND21k voucher?
    Yes, it expires after 3 months of your card purchase date.
  3. Can I buy a Tealive Member Card and start collecting points on the spot?
    Yes. You can start collecting TPoints the moment you sign up for a Tealive Card.
  4. What is the value of TPoints?
    For collection, every VND 5,000 spent earns 1 TPoint. For redemption, you need 39 TPoints to redeem one Tealive drink worth VND39,000.
  5. How do I check my Tpoints?
    Drop by at any Tealive outlet and our cashier will check for you.
  6. Is there an expiration date of TPoints on my Card?
    The expiration date of TPoints is 2 years from the last transaction on your Card. So, as long as you keep using your Card, the expiration date keeps rolling.
  7. Can I make partial payment with my TPoints?
    Yes, you can split payment on a transaction using your Tealive Member Card and any other form of payment that is accepted at our outlets.
  8. How do I redeem my birthday gift?
    Just bring your Tealive Member Card and identity card to collect your birthday gift at any Tealive outlets, within your birthday month.
  9. How do I get my 6-digit PIN and what is it for?
    You can find the 6 DIGIT PIN number on the back of your card that you will need to scratch off. The PIN acts as a password to redeem at the stores.
  10. Is there any renewal fee for the Tealive Member Card?
    Yes, annual membership fee is VND30k per year.
  11. Can I return a Tealive Member Card that I have purchased or received as gift recently and request for a refund?
    No. All Tealive Member Card purchased or received are non-refundable nor exchangeable for cash.
  12. Can I purchase a Tealive Member Card in Vietnam and use it in another country?
    The Tealive Member Card in Vietnam is only valid for use in all Tealive outlets in Vietnam.